House Season 5 Episode 6 “Joy” promo pics + rant

17 Oct

While I’ll keep posting everything I find related to House(everything I find and am not too lazy to post of course 😀 ),I won’t be watching the next 2 episodes as I didn’t watch episode 3 either because I hate where the show is going in terms of characters and I feel insulted by this (it’s my personal opinion so there’s no reason to throw shit at me for having an opinion). Now,I like the humor ,I love the cases(I even like the ones in Season 4 even when many had problems with it)and this show is,for me,not all about the House/Cameron the House/Wilson interaction or anything like that BUT I do feel that,for a loyal viewer(and by the way,those are the ones that bring u the money DS !) who sees things the way I do(and just because the Huddy people have taken over the official forum by bullying everyone out and virtually screaming at every little non-existent thing like a 12 year old girl doesn’t mean that most people are into this thing) characters are important and this change ,while totally understandable ,was made in a slightly wrong way.

I mean,for example,I’ll be the first one to admit that I personally don’t hate 13’s character as so many do(and I understand them perfectly).I think that ,if the writers manage to turn her into a unique character instead of,as it was in season 4,turning her into a Cameron clone ,she can be quite interesting to watch BUT I will never ,ever,ever prefer having her over having Cameron ,I can never,no matter how opened I am, care more about 13 or Kutner or Taub(who is kinda’ invisible anyway) over Cameron or Chase and even Foreman (who I never really liked). The show House MD is successful because of the lead character and Hugh’s performance,because of the writing,the intelligence,the drama,the humor but also because of the 3 original ducklings and Wilson so taking one factor out of the equation ,especially one that can’t emotionally be replaced after so much time,may and did cause a drop in ratings and overall quality because,again,no matter how good the show is in the end people always look for something that can emotionally draw them to it (as it happens in all aspects of life) and the characters represent that.

I am finding myself(as many others ,I’m sure) in a position where I have this great show in terms of acting,plot,etc and that I really want to watch but that I end up not watching because the characters involved in telling the exciting medical stories,the jokes and so on are being messed up ,replaced and made to feel and think in ways that I personally find illogical. Sure,I’m not a writer and no one gives crap on what I think should or shouldn’t happen.Hell,I don’t even live in the US so I  don’t contribute to the ratings in any way but I am a fan,one of those who supports the show in my community and online,who recommends this show to others not only from my country but others too,one of those who buys the DVD’s ,watches the promo’s ,discusses the show and makes this show popular because in the end the fan base can turn the show into a legend or some forgettable piece of art(ex : Gossip Girl – bad ratings in first season but with a growing ,loyal and implicated fan base which made it popular and drew attention to it so this second season I’m hearing the ratings are going up)

Now episode 5 is coming and it’s annoying me to see that ,in half a season,we’ll probably get to know more about 13 ,a new character that most don’t even like, than we learned about Cameron or Chase (2 very popular characters) in 4 seasons while the original ,loved characters have 1 minute of screentime every 2 episodes.This makes me feel insulted by the writers and by DS and KJ especially after that one interview when DS said something along the lines of ” the fans think they want something but it’s not really what they do want” to which I say “Oh really? How’d u get to that brilliant conclusion ? Are u God?).

Then in episode 6 we’ll get the peak of the Huddy problem which I find totally illogical and stupid. I mean,come on, even my mother thinks it’s stupid and she’s no shipper but a great fan of the show,she likes everyone the same(well,she mostly only cares about House :D).Even my mother thinks House and Cuddy (Hugh and Lisa in fact) have no romantic/sexual chemistry and she sees them more like she sees House and Wilson,as friends. What’s even more annoying is that I think it’s illogical to fall in love with someone after 20+ years of not being in love with them and after u had your chance but neither wanted it and House actually fell hard for Stacy.But the most annoying thing is that everyone treats it like there’s been this tension,this subtext ,this dancing around ever since the beginning when that’s not true,House and Cuddy and Wilson were 3 old friends who also had a professional relationship,Cuddy wasn’t even that involved in the first 2 seasons,Cuddy even supported the idea of House opening up to Cameron (remember the Love Hurts episode when she actually tried to help him not screw it up?).And now? now they’re showing this down our throats and treating the beautiful ,subtle connection and attraction between House and Cameron(and the amazing natural chemistry that Hugh and Jennifer have) like it never existed .Also,this ruined Cuddy as a character,it’s like she has no other purpose than being the other half in the Huddy and House’s sexual harassment object. Since I also find this as insulting to me and I’ve come to hate Cuddy ,hate LE,hate KJ and DS because of it when I used to like all of them,I will not watch that episode too.

I’ll watch episode 7 because it has Cameron and Chase(whose relationship is stupid too because Cameron can’t fall in love with Chase just cause she’s sleeping with him after it was made clear in past seasons that she’d never fall for him + as much as I actually thought they were a cute couple in real life,on screen JMo and JS have no chemistry) in it and because it has scenes where House and Cameron are actually in the same room talking but I don’t know what will happen afterward.

Ok,I know this annoyed and bored many (well,the 1 or 2 people who actually read all my rant)and I do realize this is just a show but when I invest something in a hobby or in anything I expect to at least be respected and I feel I am not so it really,really bothers me.

Now on to the Joy promo pics (too bad I’m not going to be able to watch it,Hugh looks really ,very hot in it)


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10 responses to “House Season 5 Episode 6 “Joy” promo pics + rant

  1. sarah

    18/10/2008 at 3:35 PM

    weirdo. DS said it himself that House and Cuddy have tension.

  2. ada22

    18/10/2008 at 5:07 PM

    yeah and after No Reason(season 2) and all throughout the first 3 seasons he kept talking about House and Cameron so …….

    Of course he’ll say they have tension,that’s what is bothering me,he’s lying and making it seem like we’re stupid and blind .

  3. Tuca

    20/10/2008 at 2:46 AM

    I agree with you… House and Cuddy doesn’t have any chemistry…. They’re trying to convince us of that, but it’s not possible…. House and Cameron have a such great chemistry that they can’t kill just because they’ve changed their minds… I don’t use to watch House too frequently anymore… just because of this stupid thing about House and Cuddy and Cameron and Chase

  4. Jess

    20/10/2008 at 3:56 AM

    I COMPLETELY 100& agree with you. every single thing you said!!

    I am a huge fan of House/Cameron and I agree that they have a lot of chemistry, so much more than House and Cuddy. The way they look at each is just… eye!sex lol. Anyway, the show is not the same show without Cameron, Chase, Foreman and House working as a team (I don’t even like Foreman but it wouldn’t be the same without him). I miss their interaction. I look back at my dvd’s and the episodes are amazing!! I can’t believe how much they screwed up this season.

    I miss House walking into his office and being mean to Chase, insulting Foreman and throwing one of his items to a brown-haired Cameron =[ I hate Cameron/Chase but I still like Chase and Cameron as people, as I do House and Cuddy. Just not together!!!

    I want to send a letter to DS and KJ telling them this! stop screwing with my favourite show!!

  5. Jeanne

    20/10/2008 at 8:59 PM

    Cameron is a child. Her school girl crush for 3 seasons and especially the “you kissed me back” was nauseating. I’m not crazy about 13, but she’s more mature than Cameron. I watch the show for House, Cuddy and Wilson. Foreman is the most irritating and right now useless. Sorry guys!!

  6. Michael

    21/10/2008 at 2:55 AM

    How can you guys say House and Cuddy have no chemistry. Do you guys even watch the show? From the very first pilot episode you could see how House treated Cuddy with his witty remarks about her wardrobe and so on. Plus, you guys need to move on with House not having his old team. I mean come one get over it. Plus, in actuality, a team staying assembled that long without any change isn’t very likely in a hospital. Be proud that the show isn’t afraid to shake things up unlike other shows. And finally, please do not call yourself a fan of the show if you are gonna openly bash it. You don’t have to watch it. Us fans, who actually appreciate innovation and creativeness, will continue to watch and love the best show on tv.

  7. ada22

    21/10/2008 at 11:44 AM

    ^ so wait,u actually think that the witty remarks about her wardrobe are nice things to say to a woman you have feelings for? and no,that thing about House acting like a boy who mocks the girl because he likes her doesn’t apply because he’s sexually harassing her and making her look bad many times(and do u remember that time when he really hurt her feelings?).

    Also,don’t u remember how he was all down when Cameron left and even Wilson picked up on it?Didn’t u notice that all the jokes he makes with Cameron and Wilson are filled with subtext,like he’s trying to learn something about them,give them an advice but in a covert way that would not make him seem vulnerable and caring?

    But ok,in the end,u won,I guess sexual harassment beats natural chemistry any day.

  8. CB Lover!!!!( Yes, ITS TRUE!!)

    22/10/2008 at 5:00 AM

    I miss CB soooooooooo much!!!!! Im like the only preson in the world that watches this show that HATES HOUSE!!!! hes such a jerk and everything is ok until it comes down to seriousness. 13 is a druggie, cameron is in the ER so she can speed cure and help the world ASAP, Forman is trying to make up for his sins wen he was young by being a goody2shoes, Chase needs to get another hobby beside loving Cameron (not being pushed on currently). Cuddy should have had a kid 5 yrs ago (trust me it sux when your mom is 40 yrs older than u. Wilson NEEDS to go crazy and do drugs and hookers! Talbs relationship NEEds to cool down and Kutner needs to get into the dramatic action! (eg. date someone…etc.) the PI guy needs to go off the show…Forman NEEDS to get his brother out of jail/ let the cameras show us him visiting his bro. The morman NEEDS to come back and be on houses team..etc.etc.etc.etc….

  9. ada22

    22/10/2008 at 8:57 AM

    by CB you mean Amber? ‘Cause if u do then I gotta’ tell u……….I love Amber too 😀

  10. Oholivama

    25/10/2008 at 1:08 PM

    I wish I could agree, but, to be honest, I think you’re ignorant in ignoring the fact even in the show, other characters speak of the feelings of House and Cuddy. There’s an episode where Cuddy’s date says “It’s easy to see you’re so in-love with House.” And after a lengthy speech, he leaves. Yet she doesn’t deny it. And the same on House’s side, people say the same thing and he doesn’t exactly deny it, either. There’s so many other examples, but I am rather tired. (I will mention to also refer to the High School Cheerleader pic episode of House, talking to his PI about it.)


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