[Heroes post] HRG + Sylar = LOVE

12 Oct

While the House/Hugh Laurie posts have completely taken over my PERSONAL blog(can u believe it,it is supposed to be a random blog about random things and yet it became a source of info on ,mostly,all things House/Hugh…….I am very ,very obsessed ) Heroes is still my favorite show(it’s a tie between it and House but House’s writers are trying hard to make things easier for me when it comes to deciding by not giving Cameron enough screentime,fucking Cuddy up and pretending that House and Cameron have no chemistry).

Now,we all know(or should know because everyone should be informed of my obsessions) that I have an (un)healthy obsession for the one and only Noah Bennet aka HRG aka the king of badass who can rule the world by just staring at you through his badass horn rimmed glasses.He’s like the coolest character on tv ever(ok,after House)and he even makes Hayden Pannetiere barable to watch(she’s a great actress ,I just don’t like her much)and even cute and adorable in their scenes(hugs,we need more hugs…).

And now,because the Heroes writers are awesome and like to listen to the fans while still doing their own thing(hear that David Shore? ’cause your ratings aren’t as hot as they used to be,I wonder why)we get the most awesome team up on planet Earth : HRG + Sylar(aka the sexy brain loving lunatic who everyone ,including me,loves and loves to hate aka second coolest character on that show together with Ma’ Petrelli).

Look at all the coolness

Since I was away I just managed to see episode 3 the day before yesterday and I swear I giggled and pointed and laughed and jumped happilly all over the place during all the HRG + Sylar scenes,it was amazing,magnificent and badass.BTW,weren’t Hiro and Ando idiots in this one? I mean,Hiro ,for once,is actually not saving the world,he’s threatening it(but I did love the end of that scene where the Hatian recovers and takes Hiro and Ando by surprise and Hiro goes all “popcorn?”).Oh and Nathan + God + Bible = HAHAHA and Matt’s life still sucks.

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One response to “[Heroes post] HRG + Sylar = LOVE

  1. Addie

    12/10/2008 at 1:50 PM

    Bwahaha! I saw the 3rd episode and my first thought was “Adelina will love this”. Not that I didn’t love this…but for me there’s nothing hotter then the scenes with 2 Peters. *melts into a pile of goo*

    Welcome back!


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