Small Hiatus

25 Sep

Well,I’m off again  !!!! This time we’re going to Egypt………….for the 6th time ! I can’t wait,I miss Egypt(although I just went there last october :D) !!!

So,I’ll be missing one episode of House,2 of Heroes and other shows I watch but it’s not bad,I’m going to have fun and then come back to many,many wonderful episodes.

Heroes didn’t do so well at the ratings ,just over 9 million and House is falling quite dramatically from last year scoring only a little over 12 million (last year they had 18 million).DID U SEE THAT David Shore and Katie Jacobs? DO U SEE WHAT THE NEW DUCKLINGS ARE DOING TO THIS SHOW AND THE TOTALLY ILLOGICAL,NO FUN SHIP THAT IS HUDDY? Oh well,as long as LE gets to fondle Hugh I guess everyone there is happy,right?!

Ok,so I’m off !! Will post pics when I get back !

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