Heroes is back !!!! YAAAAY !!! some thoughts *SPOILERS*

23 Sep


Ah,my Heroes is back and awesome so I’ll make a quick post about that.
Not going to go into details ’cause I don’t want to give away so many spoilers.

First of all…………SQUEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAYYYYY OMG OMG OMG HEROES IS BACK *dances around the room like a crazy person*

*sits back down calmer than ever (yeah,right!)*

– there were 2 episodes ,everyone knows that but whatever
– they’re trying to go back to the Season 1 atmosphere and so far….me likeeeeey
– Whow shot Nathan? How nice of u to ask ! It was Peter,obviously (future!Peter)
– Creepy incest vibes are still there stronger than ever and I hope Peter and Claire have no more scenes together ’cause I always associate them with Hayden and Milo and ………..not a pretty picture
– More creepy…………ah,who am I trying to fool here,fun chemistry/incesty vibes everytime Peter and Nathan are in the same room ………then Peter kisses Nathan on the forehead and I LOLd
– Hiro is being nerdy and dorky in that adorable,cool way of his and his daddy totally knew he was going to open that safe HAHAHAH
– I like that speedster chick ’cause she’s totally cool and anti-social and pwned Hiro
– Maya is still annoying and the tears of black ink almost came streaming down her face again but luckily we didn’t have to go through that and she calmed down and let Momo live.
– Momo is turning into the Mad Scientist and found how those powers work and shit so he decided the best thing to do is turn himself into a superhero(maybe he has some weird Batman,Superman obsession).
– Speaking of Momo : YOOOOOOOOOO Matt,Momo is cheating on you with Maya while you’re chillin’ aka dehydrating in Africa !!! That’s not cool man,not cool!
– OMG,Momo was also naked in this episode and sweaty and Maya again had to be in that scene(remember naked Sylar?)and kissing was involved (MATT ,man,WTF,get your ass back home!!!!)
– Sylar played with Claire for his amusement and mine(I admit)and cut her head open(fun times,I tell you)after Claire managed to stick a knife in his body .
– “Are you going to eat my brain” Claire said
“Claire,that is DISGUSTING!” Sylar replied HAHAHAHAHHAHA LOOOOOL he doesn’t think brains are tasty
– Ma’ Petrelli is FIERCE and I LOVE HER and she’ll rule the world .We find out her power,which many guessed since season 1 so that was cool.
– Present Peter is in an “interesting” place right now(I’ll leave it at that) and with a funky accent HAHAHAH
– Noah Bennet aka HRG aka HE WHO RULES THE SHOW is playing with his little toy ball in his cell again…….awwwww
– Elle is in deep shit when daddy dearest (BOB)turns Sylar into a golden boy(use your powers of deduction) .
– Elle goes to the man she secretly wants to have as a father,HRG,to get him out of the cell and into the “fight” when Sylar comes and an actual fight happens where HRG finds out bullets are no longer good enough ’cause Sylar got to Claire.He’s obviously pissed about that and Sylar obviously doesn’t care and throws him around a little.
– Elle thinks she’s so cool while trying to recover her senses but Sylar disagrees and wants to take her powers but then Elle short circuits or something and electrocutes Sylars ass into a nice peaceful slumber (or coma)
– HRG runs(along with the rest of the dangerous people down in Level 5)
– HRG and Claire share a scene…….aka best thing ever YEEEEEEEY,hugs,cuteness overload OMG OMG OMG I love that ,more hugs pls !!!
– HRG tells Claire he must leave but will leave her in good hands and *drums pleaseeeeee* birth mommy makes a comback.
– Matt wakes up ,he’s thirsty while lying in some nice ,dry dirt in Africa(this is the 2nd time he wakes up ’cause he walked for a bit before fainting again).He sees a turtle when a voice tells him the plant he fainted next to can provide water.Matt thinks he’s crazy and is now talking to the turtle.I also think he’s crazy and talking to a turtle while also LOLLLLLLing and praying he isn’t really talking to that awfully cute turtle.
– Matt,thank God,isn’t talking to animals just yet and we see a black,african dude asking Matt why he’s talking to the turtle because even random people in Africa mock Matt………adorable.
– “You come from America?” African dude asks
“Yes” Matt replies
“You know Britney Spears?” African dude continues
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL for 5 minutes and have to press pause then watch that again.
– Nikki is not Nikki anymore,she’s Tracey (or something),still very hot and very cool and she’s into politics working for this Governor played by Bruce Boxleitner(sp?)which made me go “Oh yay,it’s the guy from Babylon 5” because I’m a nerd and I’m lame like that
– Tracey does something totally unexpected after visiting Nathan earlier in the episode
– Nathan,by the way,has found God and somehow Linderman was there too ’cause now he sees him and he’s not really there(’cause duuuuh,Linderman’s dead).
– Nathan spends half of the 2 episodes unconscious or praying because…….u know,he’s found God HAHAHAHA

WTF moment of the show was at the end when Ma’ Petrelli goes to Sylar’s cell and he’s all tied up to the table like in the first season and OMG she tells “Gabriel” that she can give him what his mother didn’t and Sylar says he’s…Sylar and she’s not his mother but she goes on saying “But I am,dear,I am” while holding his hand and suddenly it all makes sense ’cause there’s that creepy vibe again so it must be all incesty because Heroes is the king of such fun stuff(together with Supernatural of course).So,at least for now,Sylar is a PETRELLI LOOOOOLL YESSSSS

Yeeeeeeees,I love Heroes and what I just wrote isn’t totally in the order you’ll see it in the episodes but pretty much.

Now on to the new episode of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles because Lena Headey is british,hot,GOD and I love her.

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One response to “Heroes is back !!!! YAAAAY !!! some thoughts *SPOILERS*

  1. Addie

    24/09/2008 at 12:41 PM

    Both episodes were absolutely brillianty. Ask me, who should have been packing earlier but instead I was watching them again. Season 1 greatness is back! Heck, yeah!

    Also, you must be in my mind because I agree with everything you’ve said(and I was also loling at Matt and the turtle).

    Brilliant episodes, brilliant post, now back to packing for me!


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