House Season 5 Episode 3 promo stills + some rant

18 Sep

The most important thing : OMG Hugh/House gets sexier and sexier and sexier !!! Look at that body and posture and the tight clothes !! I’m all hot and bothered now by the first picture !

Finally some promo still without 13 in them ! I don’t exactly hate her or anything like most do but she was in more promos than House himself I think so it’s about time she skipped  a few. Oh well,still no Cameron! At least there’s no Cuddy again but that’s not important ’cause apparently she’s all over now that she just turned into House’s slave ,lost her spine and only knows how to flaunt her body in front of House who keeps being mean to her which of course,in the writers mind ,means he’s madly in love with her after not being in love with her for 20+ years and after they were hinting strongly at that one normal ship that had logic and chemistry.I like how now they’re trying to make House and Cameron’s relationship a very platonic,friendly one but FAIL miserably because,even if they only had ONE short scene together so far the chemistry and sexual tension come so naturally for the characters and the actors that even if the writers would suddenly turn them into brother and sister they’d still have eye!sex and general subtle!sex in every scene.In the meantime, with Cuddy the only sexual tension is the sexual harassment ,take that away and u’re left with nothing but a ,could have been beautiful, brother/sister vibe like things were in the beginning.

But hey,as long as LE and KJ are happy who gives a crap about the show and the fans and what actually happened during the first 3 seasons.

At least the show is funny and witty as usual (- relationships and character interactions),thank God for House and Wilson’s friendship .

I am not into slash at all not ’cause I have something against gay people,’cause I totally do not,but because when it’s not in canon that they’re gay I don’t see it.Having said this,it’s sad that even I think that House/Hugh has more romantic/sexual chemistry with Wilson/RSL than with  Cuddy,I’d rather see them kiss and I Hugh is so manly and could never be considered gay so ………..yeah,that paints a clear picture.

Now,on to the lovely photos . They are not mine,I didn’t take them and I don’t own them,I just look at the pretty .

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