Hugh Laurie in Entertainment Weekly (EW scans)

14 Sep

Well, this season of House,which ,ironically for me, could be the best season yet,is bound to do some crazy stuff that will disappoint me in a cruel way by completely changing character relationships and embracing precisely those with little to no chemistry(no,no matter what anyone says, House and Cuddy have NO SEXUAL CHEMISTRY AND HAVE NOT BEEN DANCING AROUND EACHOTHER FOR 4 SEASONS,THAT IS TRUE FACT,THE SHOW WAS NOT WRITTEN LIKE THAT and same goes for Chase and Cameron),then there will be a lack of Cameron and Chase again and when they do appear they appear as a couple and that’s just as bad.

BUT let’s focus on the reason of my post ,which is a very positive reason, the EW(Entertainment Weekly magazine) photoshot/article .I found some scans of the ,already famous, pictures that everyone is familiar with by now so I thought I’d share. You can find the article online and it’s very spoiler-ish so beware.

Disclaimer : scans not mine,I got them from very nice people at LJ so the credit goes to them.

Enjoy !


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2 responses to “Hugh Laurie in Entertainment Weekly (EW scans)

  1. sharp2799

    15/09/2008 at 12:12 AM

    Well, as a House/Cameron shipper still, I totally agree with you. It’s very hard for me to watch the show, knowing what’s coming up and knowing it doesn’t make sense and feels forced.

  2. NLP

    15/09/2008 at 11:12 PM

    I don’t care what the heck they do. I’m never going to change my Hameron allegiance. I really resent them leading us down the garden path for 3 years and then blaming US because we got attached to the sexual tension THEY created between the 2 of them.

    Nicest thing I’ve seen written, & it ain’t saying that much, is Katie Jacobs at least acknowledging that we feel betrayed and saying, “We were just trying to excite ourselves,” but “at the same time maybe we should have been smarter about the effects it would have.” Duh!, you think?

    And Shore just continues to p!ss me off every time he opens his mouth. What is this about how House could only ever have a real relationship with Cuddy? What Huddy sexual chemistry? That bus pole strip tease was just gross & highly embarrassing.

    And for the first time, Hugh’s managed to tick me off too, indicating his reaction to our “discontent.” “What would that be like if you said that to a person? If you said that to your partner, ‘You know, I used to love you when you…'” he trails off. ”I think your partner would think, ‘Well, that kind of means you don’t love me, then. It’s not much consolation saying you used to love me when. If you don’t love me now, you don’t love me.'”

    Yeah, gee, I’m sorry your incredible, subtle, nuanced scenes for 3 years w/ Jennifer Morrison swayed me into believing one thing was so, when apparently now you & all TPTB are saying, what?, “It never existed?,” “Everything we said in interviews for the first 3 years about Hameron was just a big, fat April Fools joke?”

    Oh, & I’m also sorry about all my friends and family who I browbeat into watching the show until they became fans. Clearly all of us who have been fans from the very beginning and promoted the show to everyone we talked to are just stupid, fickle ingrates.


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