Hugh Laurie is good at boxing

04 Sep

OK,if this is true,and it probably is,Hugh just got sexier and since ,in my eyes,he was already the sexiest man on earth ,this means he reached new heights that only he can reach . A couple of days ago some papparazzi snapped some pics of Hugh exiting a boxing club in North London,Camden area .We all knew he went boxing,he does that while filming House too ,it’s old news but we never knew if he was any good .Well,apparently he’s really good and strong and agile and he can do all the stuff the young people do, no problem .I currently have no intelligent statements to make,all my brain cells turned to mush and all I can come up with would probably not be flattering for my reputation(seeing as I’m trying to at least appear half intelligent if not also normal).

Oh but seriously,we all knew Hugh is nice and strong(have u ever seen the way his body is built *drools*!)and sporty with the rowing background but this is still really,really hot news.

Here’s an extract from the article that you can find at the SOURCE

St Pancras Boxing Club in Talacre Gardens, a charity run by volunteers, hit the gossip columns unwittingly on Monday when Laurie, the star of American hospital series House, was spotted leaving the gym. It emerged he regularly trains there, his sons are both members and that Laurie is blossoming as a fighter under the club’s tutelage, according to those who spar with him.
One trainer, who did not want to be named, said: “He trains hard whenever he is in London. He is a light heavyweight and he is very, very strong, agile and serious. He does what the younger fighters do, no problem – and if he wasn’t so good at acting, he could get into boxing properly.”
The trainer revealed that Laurie often spars for eight rounds and would love to fight competitively – but his TV contracts won’t let him as producers worry about facial injuries.

ORGASM *thud*. Yes,I like my men big and strong (imagine what else those big, strong arms of his would be good at………). Not bad for a 49 year old ,right? Actually,not bad for anyone,that’s what I mean.That man is one sexy beast

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