New House Season 5 promos – Hugh only

28 Aug

Ok,here are 4 more HQ House season 5 promo pictures with Hugh Laurie/House. All I can say is ,as always,”Hugh why so sexy,WHY?” .

Ah,check out that first picture………………if u can look at anything else but the big “guns” and by that I mean the pretty arms,the biceps,then you are my hero and deserve a statue.

But you know what the COOLEST thing about these pictures is ? In the second picture u can see Hugh’s watch perfectly and it shows the hour,the day ,month and year.The hour is not important BUT the day is Sunday,the 22nd of JUNE which is MY EXACT BIRTHDAY *giggle fit……mad laughter….hyperventilation* so I think this settles it,it’s a sign that we must meet,I must meet my idol ,it’s meant to be *prays to God*

disclaimer : not my pics,didn’t take ’em ,have nothing to gain from them but visual pleasures .Thanks goes to DRYOPE at House_daily on LJ,

*clicky on pics to make really big đŸ˜€

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