Sandra Izbasa and Constantina Dita Tomescu win 2 Gold Medals for Romania in one day

17 Aug

I love sports ,I love it very much so guess who’s watching the Olympic Games for at least 2 or 3 hours each day ! Of course,I don’t like all sports but that’s a totally different subject .

I’ll tell you this : hearing our anthem being played for one of our amazing athletes at the Olympic Games is the time,one of the only times,when I feel really proud of my country and countrymen because they had a chance,and took it,to prove that they ,that we, are not a nation made of gypsies who only know how to steal and beg as the great nation of Italy seems to think we are (OPEN SOME GOD DAMNED HISTORY BOOKS ITALIA)or some unknown country in the middle of nowhere and all we need is to be given chances to prove ourselves more often.

So,today Constantina Dita Tomescu won the women’s marathon(the 42 km race) and  the amazing Sandra Izbasa won the women’s floor exercise in gymnastics(a sport we were always particularly good at *remember Nadia Comaneci * ).The bronze medal won by the 8+1 women rowing team was a bit of a disappointment because this was the one event where our country was and still is the best in the world and has a great tradition but in the end it’s still a medal and that counts for something.

Now my biggest expectations come from my beloved handball team(womens) who sadly lost today against Norway by one goal mainly because the referees were playing for the other team as it usually happens with us.But we have one of the best handball national teams in the world,some of the best players out there,the most amazing ,dedicated goalkeeper *Hutupan,Hutupan*,a wonderful coach and chances to win a medal,any medal,so I’m rooting for them.

Here you have Sandra Izbasa’s Gold winning performance from the floor finals,watch it,it’s amazing and the music is so cool

All rise for the national anthem of ROMANIA *proud* – the award ceremony after the floor event

Here’s our marathon winner Constantina Dita Tomescu who,at 38 years old,is the oldest marathon winner at the Olympics.

MY POST CONTINUES AFTER THE JUMP with some stupid ramble concerning us and sports so read if interested 😀

Let me say this,I’m not a patriot or one of those people who tremble each time they see their national flag somewhere,anywhere and go shout their love for their country at every chance they get.I think my country and its people are nice and have great potential but I also know we fuck things up at almost every chance we get because we are probably used to be bullied and ordered around and have no will of our own(blame the communism for that or years of otoman and *add other big empires who decided they like this place at some point in history* domination).Somehow we end up making the wrong decisions ,caring for the wrong thing and there is a growing sentiment among the masses that in this country,ruled by idiots and people who only think of themselves and their wallets,you can only succeed as an individual,only if u don’t give crap about how the rest are doing .Again,I blame this on all the years of domination when our destiny was not in our own hands and now that our destiny belongs to us and us alone we don’t know what to do with it and forget that,at the end of the day,we are a nation,we’re all romanians,we live together in one country,one piece of land that has to be commonly taken care of if we want to individually lead a good life.But again,this post is not about such things so we’ll move on.

So,we cleverly established that I’m not a patriot fool and I don’t shiver at hearing my countries name or anything(actually,I’d gladly move to Britain or Austria if anyone wants to give me the citizenship as a lovely present *hint* *hint* ) but today I was proud and it was,as always, sports that made me proud .

Today we won 3 medals (2 gold and one bronze) and that is a great thing for us because everyone has such great expectations from our sportsmen and women but almost no one is interested in making training conditions better or in helping them reach their full potential .This means that ,in many sports that aren’t football,training facilities are out of date or insufficient and the salaries/earnings small,too small for all the stress and work needed to reach the top form which means less children/adolescents choose to have a real career and sacrifice some of the best years of their life to reach the top in this or that sport.


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3 responses to “Sandra Izbasa and Constantina Dita Tomescu win 2 Gold Medals for Romania in one day

  1. Entrophy

    17/08/2008 at 9:30 PM

    You write in English because?

  2. ada22

    17/08/2008 at 9:42 PM

    because I can ! oh and I deleted your other comment because that was just rude of you to say

  3. marco favorito terni italy

    24/08/2008 at 11:17 AM

    constantina the great. lapiù grande di tutte.


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