The stuff I missed (tv shows related) : 1.House

10 Aug

So,before I make a nice,boring,long post about my wonderful holiday I thought a little catching up is necessary .

Plenty of new stuff surfaced as far as House and Heroes are concerned(damn,I’d blog about other shows too but that would take too much effort and I’m lazy).

Let’s start with House/Hugh Laurie : there were some new pics from the TCA party,some new promos for season 5 in the form of pics and videos,some new interviews with David Shore and Hugh,the Daily Mail wrote about Hugh being voted second sexiest doctor on tv EVER after George Clooney(fair enough),new pics from the House press conference and the latest are pics from the latest Band From Tv Concert.

Some of the new pics from events mentioned above are here :

Here is my favorite outtake from the Tv Guide photoshot a while back(I just wish LE and OW were not in it but I’ll just ignore them and concentrate on how hot Hugh and Jennifer look 😀 )

Here are some of the promo pics for season 5 (I just put the House,Cameron,Chase,Wilson and the Group one because Cuddy and the newbies don’t interest me one bit)

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