My wonderful trip

10 Aug

I just returned from my wonderful ,long trip and that makes me sad because I like being away from my home.I am probably one of the few people who do not feel home sick and who don’t get all giddy about going back home after some absence (holiday or something else)but this is because travelling is my greatest pleasure,I would use all my money to travel the world and if I ever become insanely rich all my money will go on trips and maybe a private jet and a yacht all meant to take me around the world.

My trip lasted 21 days,from the 19th of July to the 8th of August.I spent 6 days in Edinburgh,7 in London,6 in Amsterdam and 2 in Munich.

I left Bucharest very early on a Saturday morning by plane and arrived in London around noon then carried myself ,my mom and our heavy luggage to King’s Cross where we took a train to Edinburgh.The train ride was great and we got to see some of the english countryside which is really pretty .We arrived in Edinburgh’s Waverly Central Station in the evening and went to our lovely hotel situated close by (thank God).Since I was hungry ,we went around town to get something to eat and ended up eating some great fish and chips.The next day we went to the castle and spent most of the day there then went around the Royal Mile to walk a little and eat.The weather in the first 2 days was pretty cold according to my mother and really great according to me : 14-18 degrees Celsius but the sun was present most of the time and we had no rain.In fact,we had no rain during our 2 week stay in Britain.Moving on,the rest of our days in Edinburgh were spent walking around ,visiting a museum,a Royal Yacht,Mary King’s Close(one of the most haunted places apparently but I saw nothing ),parks.One day before our departure we went to Loch Ness and around the Highlands.It was a superb trip because the scenery is breathtaking and Loch Ness is an amazing lake set in a wonderful ,green area and we took a small cruise on the lake which was even better (no,I didn’t see the monster *pouts*).In our last full day in Scotland we went to Portobello (which is a suburb in Edinburgh by the North Sea)to walk on the beach and then did some shopping for presents.Edinburgh is a beautiful,elegant city with lots of parks and interesting buildings,the people are great,the food is great and I would love to go back.

After Edinburgh we came back to London where we stayed in a hotel next to Hyde Park,wonderful area.I love London,it’s a great combination between old and new,quiet and mad but I wouldn’t go back there in July-August because there are far too many tourists that cover everything. In London ,during our 6 day stay,we didn’t manage to see everything(actually I don’t even think we got to see half)because everything is so big and the attractions “force” you to spend loads of time at/in them but we saw some of the most important stuff that everyone knows like The Tower of London,Westminster Abbey,Greenwhich,etc.I walked around Leicester Square and in the last evening we actually got to witness a bit of the X-Files premiere madness.Ah,in the second day in London we went to Westminster and passed by the Parliament just as Obama was coming out and holding a speech so we got to see him too(man,u get to see a lot of random people in London ’cause I randomly saw Fatboy Slim too I think).London is great,I’d love to live there and everything is really organized ,people are very helpful and nice and everyone speaks in some kind of nice accent(just like in Scotland).

One day we went from London to Cambridge (50 min by train from King’s Cross).Cambridge is absolutely amazing and impressive with its old colleges,the river and the vegetation(everything is so green and pretty).We hopped on a sightseeing double-decker that left from the train station because we were too lazy to walk to the center and as it got to the center it passed by the college the internet told me Hugh Laurie attended so we hopped off there because I had to take some pics.Then we visited Trinity college,King’s College ,took a walk around the town and went punting on the river Cam which was so great,I loved it.Around 19:00 we decided to head back to the station so we hopped on one of those double-deckers again since we had a day ticket and it passed by the theatre where the Footlights meet and the audio guide actually mentioned Hugh ,Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry which made me giddy.At around 20:00 we were on a train back to London.

From London we went to Amsterdam.In Amsterdam things were……different. The architecture is great,the buildings are very beautiful and the canals are wonderful,relaxing and inviting but I think the thing that impresses most people is the liberty,all the “coffeeshops” that sell cannabis and whatever to smoke and that can be found in very large numbers especially in the center of the city and the Red Light District,the sex shops,sex cinemas,sex everything that you see everywhere with no reservations and which I found really funny and all the strange young people that come as “tourists” to taste what Amsterdam has to offer apart from the Van Gogh and Rembrandt stuff đŸ˜€ . All in all,a beautiful ,different city with a special atmosphere.

We ended our trip in Munich where I felt strangely at home probably because I went to Vienna several times and to other typically german places.

Here u have some pictures . The first are from London,then Amsterdam,Munich and the plane back then the last ones after the plane pics are of Scotland and Cambridge but I separated the Cambridge ones and reposted them bellow anyway so you can skip those

Cambridge pics (the first 4 are of the college Hugh Laurie attended just ’cause I found it accidentally and had to take pics(I am that obsessed)and it’s pretty


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2 responses to “My wonderful trip

  1. SP

    11/08/2008 at 6:27 AM

    Great pictures, they remind me our trip there last year and I must say, it made a difference having the freedom of a car, we hired one for two weeks and saw so much more, we saved quite a bit of time and convenience getting here and moving on. We are thinking of coming back!

  2. Chris :)

    13/08/2008 at 8:14 PM

    Loved the pics! I also went to Cambridge a few years ago, but alas, I didn’t know Hugh back then so I must have seen his college without knowing it… damn. I love the Scotland pics; I really want to visit Scotland and Ireland some day.


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