Interview Magazine outtakes ….pretty and big

06 Jul

Ok so I got a few goodies for my nice little blog ! Remember those outtakes from the Interview magazine ….interview that came in very small ,watermarked versions ? Well,the internet is a great place and fans are also great people which means someone found HQ versions of those pictures and I snagged them (respectfully) to put them here on my blog and make it even prettier .

Random crazy,fangirlish comment ahead -> “oh my ,he’s so pretty,too pretty,far too pretty *faints*”

Warning : Hotness ahead,not good if u suffer from a heart condition đŸ˜€

Disclaimer : the pics belong to their rightful owner(David Mushegain took them) ,whoever found them first,the wonderful people at LJ(especially fadedsg27)

U know the drill,pics are thumbnails so clicky click to make big.


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3 responses to “Interview Magazine outtakes ….pretty and big

  1. Andra

    10/07/2008 at 2:05 AM

    Your goal in life is to kill me by posting pictures of Hugh, isn’t it? I’d say something clever but I’m too busy wiping the drool of my chin.


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