Eurodata TV Worldwide ratings list of most watched tv shows in 2007

17 Jun

At the Monaco Television Festival(I think that’s how it’s called :D) Eurodata TV Worldwide released a list of most watched tv shows for 2007 .

In the drama category CSI Las Vegas won yet again and in the comedy category Desperate Housewives won.Runner-up’s were CSI Miami and HOUSE (yeeey) for drama,Monk and Ugly Betty for comedy.

Here’s one of the articles containing some nr’s too SOURCE

PARIS (AFP) – For the second year running, couch potato favourites for 2007 were three US shows — “CSI”, “Desperate Housewives” and “The Bold and The Beautiful”, according to new ratings.

According to ratings firm Eurodata TV Worldwide, which listed highest ratings worldwide in 2007, “CSI: Las Vegas”, about a team of forensic experts, drew 83.9 million viewers, beating out sequel show “CSI: Miami” and “House” as the globe’s most popular TV drama series.

In the TV comedy category, the female-star cast of “Desperate Housewives” attracted 61.5 million viewers, beating “Monk” (US) and “Ugly Betty” (US).

“The Bold and The Beautiful”, also a US show, with 26.2 million viewers was the most popular soap, against two Mexican telenovelas “Destilando Amor” and “Marina”.

In 2007, Eurodata listed the same three programmes as the world’s most popular for 2006.

The figures, based on ratings in 51 countries with a potential 1.6 billion viewers, were released by the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and Eurodata.

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