House at the Envelope Primetime Emmy screening series

14 Jun

Finally something new regarding one of my 2 favorite shows happened this week : LA Times had a series of Emmy screening events for different shows and one of them was House.This took place at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood and it was opened to fans of course (lucky,lucky American fans that is because apparently European folk can just lump it,they never care about us and our needs to meet Hugh Laurie).

In attendance were Hugh Laurie,Robert Sean Leonard,David Shore,Katie Jacobs(btw,stop butchering my House/Cameron ship now … k?thanks! ),Omar Epps and director of photography  Gale Tattersall(who I think is british so yeey).The screened episode was Wilson’s Heart.I really hope that this one or House’s Head get submitted and nominated for the Emmy both in the episodes related categories and the actor related ones.

Haven’t really found pictures yet(except for 2 really small ,bad ones) but I found some articles and I’ll post excerpts of them here .


A screening of the House season finale and a Q&A with the cast (plus, free House bumper stickers and magnets!) attracted viewers from as far as Northern California, who arrived as early as noon to wait in line for tickets. In attendance was the “sexy, surly pinup boy” (according to our moderator) Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, executive producer/creator David Shore, executive producer/director of the screened episode Katie Jacobs and director of photography Gale Tattersall. Among the secrets they revealed…

On season five: Everyone was incredibly tight-lipped, but they did say that they went straight from shooting season four into shooting season five. So even if there is a SAG strike, we’ll still have some new House to look forward to.

On the decision to kill Amber: “We don’t have a [death] quota, but we are conscious of [mortalities being needed on the show],” David shared. The main question the writers ask themselves is, does the death serve a purpose for the story? With Amber, they knew when they brought her back that they were going to kill her, because they wanted to explore what would happen if House couldn’t save the woman that Wilson loved. That theme will extend itself into season five.

On what we didn’t see in the season four finale: Robert shared that a conversation between Cameron and Wilson in the cafeteria was cut. He said it was a really sweet scene and was disappointed it didn’t make the final version of the episode. Maybe it’ll be included in the DVD extras.

On the major cast changes after season three: “The notion that people would keep working for [House] indefinitely is not real,” David said. He felt it would’ve been unrealistic to pretend that Cameron, Chase and Foreman would stay forever and put up with his crap, and after season three seemed like the right time for them to move forward since their fellowship with House was only supposed to last three years.

On Foreman returning to House’s team: Omar (who pretended to storm out of the panel when he found out the Lakers had lost the playoff game that was airing while the event was going on) said that Foreman is currently between a rock and a hard place, because while he’s the head of the new ducklings, nothing has really changed. He still has to work for House. He was hesitant about saying that Foreman likes House, but shared that, despite their differences, Foreman respects him. As far as upcoming romantic possibilities for the character, Omar joked that Foreman is asexual.

On the House/13 relationship: Next season, they will explore the contrast between these two, as related to their individual illnesses — House’s being an external sickness, 13’s Huntington’s disease being an internal sickness. As for any sexual tension between the two? “I think the sexual tension comes from the way [Olivia Wilde] looks!” David joked.

Hugh Laurie on House: “I love him, but that sounds a little weird,” he laughed. Hugh sees House as a romantic character, comparing him to the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. He said that, from the pilot, House really didn’t want to interact with patients, partially because he was self-conscious about his limp and his physical limitations, which Hugh views in a romantic light.

Hugh Laurie Audition Facts: He couldn’t find a cane to bring to the audition, so he used an umbrella. Katie shared that Hugh wore a button that said “sexy” into the room. He insists it was simply his attempt at being ironic. While the pilot script called for House to be 34, David insists that he never wanted House to be that young.”


Hugh Laurie and the others stars of the critically acclaimed FOX drama/comedy “House” made appearances at a special screening of an episode on June 12 at Arclight Cinema in Hollywood.

“House” creator and executive producers were also in attendance.

With “House” in its fourth season, Laurie said he is happy with the direction of the show.

“I never tire of it, to be honest,” Laurie said. “I never tire of the character. I love him. I find the stories endlessly fascinating.”

Laurie had the crowd laughing when he said House just completed Episode 90, which “in England it takes us 300 years to do.”

The TV show focuses around Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), who uses sarcastic humor to carry out his unfaltering and unconventional methods as a doctor.

House makes it difficult for fellow doctors Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) and James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) to work with him in diagnosing patients based on his random gut instincts and trial and error approaches to medicine.

“It was unreal that they would put up with his crap,” said David Shore, the show’s creator and executive producer. “When we reached the end of Season Three, the notion that people would continue working for this man (House) was not real.”


Laurie’s charismatic demeanor and English accent had the women in the audience swooning over the 49-year-old star. The audience interacted with the cast as they shouted out potential love interests for Laurie’s character in the upcoming season.

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