The unnecessary Eurovision post

26 May

Well,I’m from Europe and we Europeans like contests so many,many moons ago the Eurovision song contest was created for all the talented (or ,lately,not so talented) singers and composers coming from member   countries of the EBU(I think it’s called the European Broadcasting Union)which ,interestingly enough,includes Israel too.

Now,to answer the question I guess everyone is thinking of right about now : “why does she and most of Europe still watch this?” ,I can’t speak on behalf of all europeans but I watch it because it’s good fun,I get a kick out of seeing wannabe musicians forcing the best out of them and a crappy song with no logic.I’m guessing that’s why everyone watches it ,we europeans do even crap in style(u know, if it’s bad it’s at least a funny bad)and we laugh(or at least I do) at how ridiculous our countries contestant is.

Another fun thing about Eurovision is that the voting,which is done in every country separately and then transformed into points,usually follows the pattern of :”uhh,let’s vote for “x” country ’cause we’re neighbors/of the same background,etc” with small differences depending on which country had the most liked song.
This basically means that if you are a well liked country with a good song or show u stand a big chance of winning or ending in the first 3 .If u’re a not so liked country or u don’t have that many neighbors or,as it happens with us Romanians,your neighbors are not of the same background(meaning we’re latin and all the ones around us are either slavic)then you need a very,very good song or show to finish top 5.

This year Russia finally won and it was bound to happen since most of the republics that formed the USSR now have a right to vote.It was also predictable since that Dima Bilan guy had Plushenko and E. Marton on stage with him as part of the show and those 2 have many fans.

Romania “won” the 20th place (which is kinda’ embarrassing since 2 years ago we got 4th place and 3 years ago we were 3rd) but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming ……..that song sucked big time .

I liked Turkey’s song ,it’s pretty much the only one that stuck with me also ’cause it’s more in the style of music I tend to listen to the most and because I like turkish music.Best moment of the show was Goran Bregovic.

Before I post the  clips with performances from this year let us remember the recent past of this competition mostly because I seriously need to post Verka Serduchka’s performance for Ukraine last year,it was so funny and crappy and funny and I love it and I wish they could have sent him this year too with the same song to win it all.

First Romania’s song from 3 years ago

Verka Serduchka RULZ —— check the funny out,Europe rules 😀

Sertab Erener ,the winner from 2003 (that song ruled)

Marija Serfovic(sp?) who won last year and whose song and voice I like ,performing in the beginning of this years Eurovision from Belgrade

Turkey’s song from this year : Mor ve Otesi – Deli

The crappy winner from Russia

The funniest thing this year : Rodolfo Chikilicuatre Baila el Chiki Chiki

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