Oh look,it’s a flying saucer !!! aka Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

24 May

I’m a fan of the Indiana Jones series and couldn’t miss the chance to get my dose of the totally unrealistic ,highly inaccurate(I guess),somewhat childish adventures of good old Indy and his hat.So,on a beautiful Friday(23 of May) I skipped my practice hours at the travel agency(yeah,don’t ask)and went to the Mall instead to see if this movie managed to rise up to its fame.

Well,I wasn’t disappointed but I have a feeling that I’d enjoy an Indiana Jones movie even if it were produced by a bunch of retarded people as long as it kept its style and Harrison Ford.The story is ,as the title suggests,about a Crystal Skull .Indy is followed by some crazy russian people(see,the story takes place around the Cold War or something like that,the ’50s)and ,just as he was preparing to leave the country after being slightly fired,this young ,slick dude called Mutt(Shia LaBeouf) finds him and tells him his mother left in search of Prof.Oxley who was captured by some people while he was in South America trying to find and return a mysterious crystal skull.All throughout their journey they’re followed,captured and lost by a mean russian lady (played by the fabulous Cate Blanchett)who is not exactly sane.I won’t say more about the plot because I don’t want to completely ruin the movie for you but it’s all in the usual style,a combination of history and total fiction + 1 WTF moment at the end where u’ll be going like “come on man,that’s way too much even for the Indy movies”.

I must mention I totally dislike Shia LaBeouf but luckily I managed not to think about that too much during the movie .Harrison Ford is great even at 64 and he’s in damn good shape ,Indiana Jones was always one sexy beast (maybe it’s the hat or the whip or just the jacket….don’t know :D).

All in all it was a wonderful way for me to spend approx. 2 hrs and I recommend it to all Indiana Jones fans.I hope if there’s a sequel Harrison Ford will star in it because I don’t want Shia L. as the new star.

some promo pics I found just ’cause a post with pictures is a pretty post

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