House Season 4 Finale 4×16 Wilson’s Heart rant + HD Screencaps

21 May

The last episode of Season 4 aired in the US Monday night and it was AMAZING again.Isuck at reviews and stuff but I’ll rant about it a little.
Let’s take it in steps to try and make it coherent.

1.The episode as a whole was great,loved it to bits.There was little mystery and the focus was on the characters again but they still managed to keep the medical details in the show which is good ’cause I like strange,interesting,scientific babble.

I liked Amber ,even when she was clearly not such a nice person, for some of the same reasons for which I like T-Bag from Prison Break : she’s interesting,refreshing,fun,funny,witty which makes her a good addition .Also,I liked her with Wilson because she really was a lot like House and Wilson likes House a lot and loves him dearly as a friend so it makes sense that a woman a lot like House ended up being the perfect woman for Wilson.Having said this,I am very sorry she died but it was a rather bold move to kill a character that was becoming important,very important and had a lot of potential.The writers nailed it with this decision because the emotional intensity of this episode sky rocketed without having many dramatic moments.Also this allowed the writers to create a story that revolves around House’s friendship with Wilson and shows exactly how they feel about eachother while at the same time showing the different,caring,hurt side that we all know House has

2.The acting was superb yet again.Sure,Hugh always gets a chance to shine and in this last 2 episodes he SHINED like the sun (yes,I’m that obsessed)but I was very happy that Robert Sean Leonard got his chance to prove what a great actor he is and show his full puppy in distress/adorableness potential.Anne Dudek also did a great job now and throughout the show.

Seriously,between House/Hugh crying/being sad/wounded/in pain and RSL crying/being sad no one stands a chance…..crying like an idiot is guaranteed or,if u’re like me aka not a crier,u’ll be hearing your heart break into small pieces.Hugh has such an expressive face and big expressive blue eyes and the kindness he seems to generally have helps him deliver so much emotion,so much pain and sincerity,he’s the Puss in Boots(from Shrek) of the real world.

When he was on that bus with Amber towards the end and she told him to get off the bus and he said no,that he can’t because it doesn’t hurt in there and he doesn’t want Wilson to hate him and doesn’t want to be miserable anymore ,they were showing his face closely and his big sad eyes and he was tearing up and my heart was slowly but surely dying………. *cries*.

3.What I didn’t like . There were 2 main things I didn’t like about this episode :

a) lack of Cameron because Cameron and Wilson are nr 2 in my book after House(yes,I can’t decide between them)and because House and Cameron are meant for eachother.She should have been there for House as she was for Wilson(why didn’t they make that one a longer scene????)and she should have helped.

b) the Cuddy-holding-House’s-hand part and not the scene itself really because that was ok but the moment in which it was shown and the fact that it was ,the way I see it,out of character for Cuddy(at least the real ,season 1 and season 2 Cuddy,the good Cuddy).That holding his hand thing came around the scene on the bus where House said he doesn’t want to be miserable and lonely anymore so I think it’s possible for the Cuddy scene to be a sort of sign of things to come from the writers. See,they fucked Cuddy up in their attempts to show us some sexual/romantic chemistry between them because I think they realized that they have a friendship vibe but not a sexual vibe so they must “poke” our eyes with the sexual chemistry,they have to make it blunt.It’s really not sexual at all because all they do is have House make fun of Cuddy in a sexual way and have Cuddy behave like a semi-hooker around him sometimes.Cuddy now seems to have no other purpose now that to be sexy around House and be the object of his most unflattering jokes.She no longer has any authority over him,she begged him not to cause her to lose her job 2 episodes ago while she is technically HIS BOSS and shows no depth.It’s a shame,I liked the first/second season Cuddy and her friendship with House but now her character makes me sick. Yeah,I’m a House/Cameron fan (it’s my only ship ever and I watch countless shows and usually hate romance on tv shows) and one of the reasons for which I am a fan is because it’s subtle,because their chemistry/sexual tension is natural and needs no words,a look,a slight touch,them being a little closer to eachother is enough to send sparks in all directions.They can make a medical talk about puke be sexy and full of subtext with a look(and the actors/writers used to talk about that a while ago).No matter how hard they might try to turn Cameron into a Wilson 2.0 for House they’ll never succeed because the tension and subtext is always there even when there’s no intention for it.Also,look,Amber was House 2.0 and was great for Wilson so the same might apply to House.Oh and House never made fun of Cameron in the shallow way he makes fun of Cuddy ,with Cameron it was always about deeper things. Now I’m waiting for season 5 which can’t start soon enough.I’m certain House will mend things with Wilson because they need each others friendship .Also I’m certain House will think of changing a bit,of trying to be happy although he probably won’t lose the walls he built around himself in one season .Well,as long as there’s no Huddy,I’mhappy.

I hope they’ll bring Cameron and Chase back(but not as a couple) because they deserve to be in this show and fans want them back,things aren’t quite the same without them.

I want to say SORRY for I’m certain I have MANY mistakes (grammar mistakes and writing ones) in this post because I wrote it in a hurry while my thoughts regarding the show are in no order,my head’s a mess 😀

Now,after this impossibly long rant here comes the fun part of this post :SCREENCAPS(HD ones because I do things in style :D).

U know the drill : pics are thumbnails,press on them (takes u to another thumbnail and u’ll need to press once more)


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6 responses to “House Season 4 Finale 4×16 Wilson’s Heart rant + HD Screencaps

  1. Tipper

    25/05/2008 at 1:51 AM

    Sorry to have to break it to you but House has absolutely no romantic feelings for Cameron. And to prove that it is going nowhere, here is an excerpt from Shore’s most recent interview (sorry to have to destroy you like this):

    “MR: If the show was going into Season 7 and we were still talking about this crush that Cameron has on House – we’d both be like, “Why are we still talking about this?”

    DS: Been there, done that. Yeah, we felt that that had played itself out.”

    Hameron’s been over since the first season. Deal with it. And use spell check.

  2. ada22

    25/05/2008 at 9:05 AM

    does being a hater make u feel all warm and fuzzy inside or are u just an upset Huddy? I read that interview a long time ago ,doesn’t matter and if u read closer I was expressing doubts too,no need to be mean.

  3. Lauren

    26/05/2008 at 6:14 PM

    thanks for the screencaps! 🙂

  4. Nancy

    29/05/2008 at 3:15 AM

    THANK YOU very much for the screengrabs!!
    Can you do this every week??!!

    Is it Sept. 2nd yet??????


  5. ada22

    29/05/2008 at 8:14 AM

    glad u liked them,I also adore Hugh !


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