House 4×16 Wilson’s Heart promo

15 May

Will this episode RULE? Y/N? Will it make me obsess more than I already do ? Y/N? Will I totally lose my mind after it and thinking there’s a long hiatus ahead? Y/N? Is there any sanity left for me to lose in the first place ?Y/N?

Well at least after seeing a high quality version of the promo I got to the conclusion that the House-and-Amber-are-about-to-kiss part is most probably a hallucination because the symptoms u see on the board behind Amber are the same as in another bit of footage from the promo and the board is in the same place so …..yeah,I’m that obsessed.But this does in no way mean I’m not insanely jealous of Anne Dudek(Amber aka Cut Throat Bitch aka CTB aka Wilson’s girlfriend).It also does in no way mean I stopped freaking out over the small possibility of House having some sort of romantic feelings for Amber and/or and affair which would be so bad for so many reasons it’s not even funny(reasons like House not being that type of guy – yes,even with all the hooker talk – ,House not being capable of doing such a thing to his best friend who I know he cares deeply about ,etc). Also the whole Amber thing freaks me out because I don’t want them to totally kill the House/Cameron which is the one and only ship I ever cared about in my life(and keep in mind I watch countless shows)……..the House/Cuddy threat is already nauseating enough for me(oh the fun Lisa E must have had while shooting House’s Head………hate,hate,more and more hate……..but let’s move on).

So if u want to know the answers to all the “when”,”why’s”,”what’s”,”who’s”,”wtf’s” and get your weekly dose of sarcasm,humor and sexiness tune in next week for the last episode of Season 4

Here’s the promo

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