House’s Head (Season 4 Episode 15) – random thoughts

13 May

The first part of the 2 parter House MD season finale aired in the US Monday evening and it was such a powerful ,impressive,well written episode I just had to write about it.

So,to be shorter,House was on a bus that crashes and he loses the memory of last 4 hours .What he does remember is that someone on the bus is dying of something and think he spotted a symptom before the bus crashed.The need to solve this puzzle makes him neglect his own head injury ,which becomes worse and worse, but he won’t stop because he feels it’s really important to remember what happened on the bus and who exactly is sick and dying.At first he tries hypnosis which helps him start remembering small stuff like where he was before he got on the bus.He then sniffs the passengers clothes and that again takes him inside his head and into his memories of being on that bus.Slowly and as he gets worse,he gets more and more clues.In the end ,the mysterious woman that appears in his memories/hallucinations proves to be the key(actually her necklace is)and after his most dangerous attempt at jump starting his brain ,which involves taking Alzheimer’s pills, he manages to re-live the accident and realizes that the person who is dying ,and who was on the bus with him for some unknown reason, is Amber(CTB aka Wilson’s girlfriend).The accident scene is emotional,moving and House appears to somehow care about Amber (even if only because she’s the woman Wilson loves) and he looks genuinely concerned about what is going on with her while the bus rolls over ,people fly around and he wakes up seeing Amber gravely injured.While House is reliving this his body and brain are suffering from all the strain he put on them and the pills he took and they show him being resuscitated by Cuddy and Wilson while everyone is scared he might have died.

There are many questions left unanswered especially as to why House and Amber were in the same bus and why does House seem to care and why was he in a bar getting drunk at 5pm before getting on the bus.The promo preview seems to imply there might be something going on between House and Amber but I really hope that is not the case.

This episode was amazing,it was almost perfect (actually,for a neutral fan it is perfect).For me ,the House fan ,it was superb but for the House/Cam fan and Jennifer Morrison/Cameron fan in me it was rather sad because she wasn’t a key character in this episode(or at least didn’t seem to be) and in case they are going to show House having an affair with Amber,between that and the House/Cuddy fear,I am left with little hope.Also,while Lisa Edelstein has a great body and the scene itself was well made,I didn’t like the stripping/pole dancing thing because I hate the House/Cuddy pairing(it’s illogical ,u can’t fall for someone after 20 years of not being in love with them and after u had your chance but didn’t want to take it)and in order to give it any sexual tension they have reduced Cuddy to a sexual fantasy and joke subject.She no longer has any authority and all u think of are her boobs.

Also,if Hugh Laurie doesn’t win an Emmy this time then there really is no justice .He was brilliant,absolutely brilliant .I think about 60% of this episode consisted of close-ups and Hugh has such an expressive face,his eyes have great depth,a powerful gaze and show so many emotions it’s amazing.When House is hurt,in pain (subtly or not),sad or happy Hugh manages to make everyone feel for him,hurt for him or be happy with him and in this episode there were moments where the pain and hurt was so present in his eyes and on his features u just wanted to be there for him when no one is.

I want to thank Hugh Laurie for giving the chance to people like me to see and follow the life and career of the wonderful,talented,amazing person he is !

I also want to thank David Shore for making this amazing show and PLEASE stop the HUDDY,it’s the one thing I don’t like about it.

In the end I’d like to apologize for the ,I’m sure many,mistakes I’ve made in this post but I am not so coherent right now.

Following are many,many HD screencaps I made during the episode(click on the image – u’ll probably need to do that once more after the first click takes u to another thumbnail – to see full size)


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5 responses to “House’s Head (Season 4 Episode 15) – random thoughts

  1. Andra

    13/05/2008 at 9:03 PM

    Someone went a bit(ok, a lot) screencap crazy :D! Yesp, great episode, a bit too much Huddy but I think we have to get used to that. Also, did you read the theory that the POLE dancing scene was there because a POLE went thru Amber’s leg?Makes a whole lot of sense. I can’t wait for next week. And now I will end this and start drooling over your screencaps.

  2. Joe

    13/05/2008 at 10:06 PM

    As an avid House fan i would like to also state that this was one of the most well written episodes that i have seen yet. With that in mind i have high expectations for the “wilsons heart” episode. I would think it would have alot more information in it than just the amber incident. for example; what is going to happen to the first 3 seasons main characters…??? they are still in the credits as the main characters yet Cameron and Chase have been nearly irrelevant this season, and Foreman is just acting as HOUSE support. This season has turned into more about Amber (the fired candidate) than it has been about the 3 DR’s that were hired, which i find kind of intriguing. Anyway enough mumbling on my behalf, what are your thoughts?

  3. Andi

    14/05/2008 at 2:03 PM

    Hi Ada! Wow great sceencaps. I had to download the HD quality episode too becuase it was just awesome 🙂

  4. Nancy

    29/05/2008 at 4:10 AM

    THANK YOU so much for the screencaps!!
    Will you be able to do this come Sept. as well?
    Really amazing episode….one of the best.
    If Hugh doesn’t win an Emmy this year, there is something VERY, VERY, wrong.
    Just found your site and I LOVE it!!
    Where do you live?
    I am in Tennessee in America.

  5. ada22

    29/05/2008 at 8:27 AM

    I’m happy u like my blog ,it’s nice to know people are reading it 😀

    I’ll continue with the screencaps when the new season starts because I’m pretty much obsessed with all things House(which is why my blog is mostly about that and Hugh)

    I’m from Romania,Europe 😀


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