Random thoughts regarding horror movies after seeing a movie today

11 May

Today I went to the Mall to buy a pair of jeans and because I hate shopping I treated myself to a movie in order to relax after the effort.It wasn’t such a good idea .

I of course chose to see what I usually choose to see when going to the cinema : something either horror or filled with special effects.The winner was a horror movie called Shutter ,a remake after a Japanese movie.

It’s not that the movie sucked ’cause it didn’t suck……that bad ………but…..u know…….it was kinda’ boring in the “same old same old” style which was to be expected since most horror remakes suck.Well,it wasn’t as bad as ,say,The Ring 2 or Dark Water(ok,I’m still debating on that one) but it wasn’t thrilling either.

BUT …..I like crappy horror movies so it’s not that bad.

Now I’d just like to say I am starting to love spanish horrors because they are cool,I really enjoy them.

Let me recommend 2 to all you reading this : The Orphanage (El Orfanato) and REC. There’s another one I watched recently but I forgot its name.

Still,the Japanese ones remain the creepiest maybe because they are also set in an environment we’re not used to.

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