Hugh Laurie’s home (although I seriously doubt it)

10 May

A magazine has a photo article with Hugh’s loft in LA.Personally I don’t think that’s his loft or at least not as it actually is at the moment because I doubt he’d let someone just walk around his house like that and because the computer in one photo has a background with a bed in it which I doubt anyone would really use.I do however believe it is in the actual building or a building exactly like his or it’s his apartment but before he moved in because there were some paparazzi photos a while ago of Hugh drinking his coffee on his balcony and in the back u could see the white couch and the railing of the balcony is the same as in the photos.Course,I might be wrong and the pictures might actually be recent and of his exact place but I just thought I’d share my thoughts on the article.

Oh and the scans are not mine,I snagged them from someone on lj(don’t remember who exactly,sorry)so a big thanks goes to that someone.

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Posted by on 10/05/2008 in tv shows


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One response to “Hugh Laurie’s home (although I seriously doubt it)

  1. Nancy

    17/08/2008 at 8:55 AM

    It sure doesn’t seem to be Hugh’s taste to me anyway. WAY too femine, don’t you think?


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