Hey All !!!

07 May

I’m new to this and I doubt anyone will read my insane posts but since I have a yahoo blog I thought I’d try to keep a second one here in case the one dies on me one day.

So,let me just tell u this : don’t expect highly intelligent,philosophical posts because that’s not why I keep a blog (if u want a very serious conversation I’m capable of that too but it will have to be in some other form not as a blog post).

Basically I keep a blog for a few very simple reasons :

1.I get bored easily,am lazy and spend loads of time in front of my computer ’cause I like it a lot.

2.I am very passionate about things and having a hobby/liking something in my case means developing some sort of obsession over it otherwise it no longer belongs in the hobby category.This means I tend to obsess a lot over things I like (and I assure u I’m sane……mostly)which means I can talk about one subject for hours and hours and hours and feel the need to know everything there is to know about it so having a blog allows me to rant and rant and rant without bothering anyone (….much).

3. Having a huge liking of  things tv/movie related sadly means I don’t read or write much and the blog helps me improve my English skills(it’s not my mother tongue)when it comes to writing.

In conclusion this blog will mostly contain news ,thoughts and pictures related to my favorite tv shows/movies/sports and especially Hugh Laurie/House so if u’re a tv fan like me you might find this to be a good source of all in one info.I will occasionally write about stupid things going on around me or post random pics I took on the street(I’m no professional photographer and my phone is not the latest photo camera but it’s all for fun).

In case someone actually reads this I Welcome you and please keep reading 😀

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One response to “Hey All !!!

  1. Andra

    07/05/2008 at 8:49 PM

    Hi, this is a comment.

    I’m sorry for that, I couldn’t help myself. The automated comment on the first post always makes me laugh. I am easily entertained. Congrats on the new blog(and may I say, yay, no more stupid 360 glitches!).


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